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Bookmakers are keeping pace with technical progress, constantly improving their services. Earlier there were only sweepstakes, then betting points began to appear, bookmakers take bets by the phone, with the advent of the World Wide Internet, bookmakers moved to the Internet, allowing bets to be bet on computers and laptops, and now it’s possible to bet on sports events using mobile phones, tablets or smartphones. To date, all the major online bookmakers have a mobile version of the site.

Usually this is a simplified version of the site of the bookmaker office, which is adapted for mobile devices. The mobile version loads much faster, but in most cases it is less functional. However, it is worth noting that recently there has been a tendency to improve the functionality of sites for mobile rates. A lot of money the company spends on developing mobile versions and applications, realizing that mobile bets are the future of the betting industry. To implement mobile betting, you must have an account in the online bookmaker office and a mobile device with an Internet connection. Since mobile versions are a lightweight version of the main sites of bookmaker offices, even with a low Internet speed, you can safely bet on sports. Bookmakers to implement mobile rates provide customers with a mobile version of the site and / or special applications for Android and Iphone. In this case, the possibilities for mobile betting are different for every bookmaker. Below are some of the features of mobile rates.

Mobile Betting Apps

Every respectable betting service now has mobile apps in their arsenal, no matter what type of betting it is, sports betting, casino or slots machines, you can find their mobile betting apps mostly for Android and iOS, but huge resources also have versions for Windows Phone and Blackberry as well.

Such solutions offer the player an interface that allows you to comfortably bet from a mobile gadget that has a relatively small screen. In most cases, applications are better than mobile versions of sites, they have more functionality, performance and are more stable in work even with poor connection to the Internet.

Android Betting Apps

Most of people thinks that Apple devices are most used in 2018, but statistic said that Android is twice frequent than iOS for using on tablets and smartphones. Devices with Android are cheaper in most cases and the variants of brands is more than one hundred. So, this UNIX based system is on the first place of global mobile market and this is no wonder why most of betting offices are released Android betting apps in first place.

Of course, it is no better place to download betting app than Google Play Store. It is official market, and all apps are licensed, certificated and checked by Google team. So you can be sure that this is official and safe app, without viruses and freuds. It is possible option for just last few months, before 2017 Google denied to approve gambling and betting services for Google Play.

Anyway, now if you want to download a gambling or betting app to you Android device, it is the best option to do that with official Play Store, but sometimes even big companies don’t have an apps in Google Play, so it can be downloaded from official site. But you should be aware and install apps only from safe and trusted casinos and betting offices.

iOS betting apps

The second place in global market is taken by iOS devices for iPads, iPhones and iWatches. There are countries where iOS even more popular than Android, mostly with high stable economics, like Great Britain or Sweden. So, if you have an iOS device and want to bet on slots, casinos and sports you should download them from from App Store or from official sites. All big top betting companies are having both Android and iOS mobile apps as well.

Windows Phone betting apps

There are no much apps for Windows phone devices since their part in global market is small, but big companies, as Bet365 from UK, do as mach betting apps’ variations as they can, so they are available for native Window Phone apps. Also terms and services agreement is specific for this mobile platform and most of betting apps are rejected.So, in most cases users with Nokia smartphones and Microsoft Surface tablets have to use mobile versions of official betting sites. They have a high optimization for every mobile browser, such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. But you should be careful with mobile site options and visit only trustworthy respectable betting offices because of swindlers.

BlackBerry betting apps

If you have a BlackBerry smartphone, there is no need to run mobile sites if there is no native betting app, and as we know, a rare betting offices have a native BlackBerry support. The thing is, that since 2015 you can run every authorized Android app from Google Play Market or Amazon Store, while new BlackBerry OS is compatible with Android apps so you can use mobile gambling, betting and casinos in every day life like any other user. In most cases, smartphones, that are released after 2015 support any Android apps without problems and issues, as two brands declared their partnership in mobile development.

The Best Betting Apps

The top bookmakers from Casino Tabloid are the best operators of sports betting for domestic players, who were selected from hundreds of companies that accept sports betting on the Internet. The main criterion is a 100% guarantee of payments, because if the bookmaker cheats and plays not according to the rules, then the value of all his other advantages is reduced to zero. Opening a game account in one of these ten bk, players can be calm for getting winnings.

Types of betting apps

Here we will tell a little about most popular betting types, that are available for mobile apps.

Cricket apps

Cricket is the second popular game in the whole world after football and if you want to bet on cricket, you will need to choose a bookmaker with the best betting opportunities. In terms of choice of rates, you should consider the option with the rates before the match and live betting. If we are talking about test cricket (multi-day games between national teams) then, as you know, there is no significant difference between these varieties of rates. Cricket is a little slow, and so during the match you can easily observe, analyze and bet. The game taking a long time and sometimes it looks pretty complicated for those, who don’t know the rules. But betting offices are here to help understand and bet for win, like Bet365, Betfair, William Hill, Sportsbet, Paddy Power and lot more.

Football apps

Football is the most popular sport in whole world, so we have no other choice than to tell about it a little bit more. The popularity of football, both in the scale of the countries of Europe, and in the world as a whole, reaches incredible heights. It is for this type of sport that hundreds of thousands of bets are made every day in bookmakers, and according to forecasts for 2018, the demand for bets on football will increase even more.
There are a thousands betting apps and bookmaker offices for football apps so we can help to choose the best betting apps.
A huge number of bookmakers know the value of modern football. After all, it is he who occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most popular types of sports in the world. A lot of gambling admirers do not bypass the football matches, successfully playing and winning in betting on football.
To achieve success in the performance of football betting, desire alone is not enough. Choosing the most appropriate game and financial strategy significantly increases the chances of the player to win, while allowing him to significantly increase the initial deposit of bettor.
The player’s serious approach to betting helps him to reach the peak of success in the shortest possible time. Pre-match analysis, dynamic tracking of any changes in teams, as well as the competent management of their own unique game will help not only not to go into minus, but also guaranteed to remain in the win.
What is so attractive to football, as a sport, modern connoisseurs of online betting? To the main advantages of this game with all certainty it is possible to rank:
Coefficients. The high popularity of football determines the parameters of the coefficients for bets on this sport – often they have high enough values.
Range. A wide variety of bet types provides each player with the widest choice of the most profitable offers. Such a football online tote allows its users to conduct the most effective and effective game.
Predictability. Dynamic study of the internal atmosphere of the football team, as well as an analysis of her home and away matches allows you to draw far-reaching conclusions about the chances of winning an elected favorite.
Our site Casino Tabloid offers the most convenient applications for every gambling enthusiast, where you can find a wide range of profitable football coefficients, as well as the ability to conduct the most effective and efficient game on the sweepstakes allows you to take advantage of a unique chance to receive income and spend time with excitement.

Tennis Apps

Bets on tennis today are much inferior in popularity to the leaders of the betting market. However, this does not make them less profitable – on the contrary, now is a great time to master this species. Because of the lower popularity of tennis, there are not many options for betting like football, but for beginners in the betting market it’s even better.
The best bookmakers fully cover the big helmet tournaments (Wimbledon, US Open, France and Australia), the Davis Cup, as well as the top ATP and WTA tournaments. Tennis tournaments are held all year round, changing each other every week, which means that the field for earning and entertainment is unlimited. Only in December, big tennis takes a short pause – for the rest to be not only the participants, but also the fans.
SkyBet, William Hill, Bet365, Betfred put tennis on a special place and offers an excellent line of betting. You can bet on the victory of one of the players. This bet is the simplest, but at the same time, the most understandable and popular among players. Also all of them have excellent mobile betting apps and everyone can play and work with bookmakers everywhere from mobile device.
Horse betting apps
Horse racing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and hazardous sports. They attract fans with unpredictability of the plot and lightning results. Everything develops so quickly that it’s just breathtaking. Spectators get a tremendous charge of adrenaline and positive emotions, not to mention those who made bets.
Bets on horse races since ancient times have enjoyed immense popularity, and still this popularity is not quenched, but only increases every year. Horse racing – this is certainly the most driving for sports betting.
But now, in 21st century most of horse bettings became online functions and you can bet with your smartphone or tablet being anywhere and betting live through the internet.

Poker apps

Poker is considered one of the most popular card and casino games around the world. In this card game is played worldwide by millions of players. There is no way to accurately estimate the number of poker players in the world, but we can be sure that it ranks first among popular card games.
There is a high demand for poker all over the world. People play cards in real life or with electronic devices. Portable devices such as Android phones/tablets and other mobile devices, such as the iPhone/iPad, are popular devices that can be downloaded Poker. Especially popular are those games in Texas Holdem Poker on Android/iOS that allow you to play with players from around the world via online multiplayer, while being quite interesting and popular.
A lot of casinos offered mobile poker apps, but you should choose the best according to our list of the best betting apps, like William Hill and PokerStars.

Casino apps

Millions of people plays in casino online, preferring stay at home, not going to live casino. But with modern apps it became easier, because you can do what you want and where they want. The casino was one of the most popular entertainment industries in the last 100 years. People travel all over the world to play casinos and put their own money with the hope that they are lucky enough and they will be able to win even more. Of course, playing in a casino on a smartphone you will not get full pleasure and adrenaline, but it will be interesting to spend time without detaching yourself from your everyday life. With casino apps you can save all the bonuses for newcomers, as well as for full online versions, like free spins, deposit and no deposit bonuses and gifts.

Slot apps

Slot machines are the most popular and well-known way of entertainment in online casinos. And it is video slots that distinguish one casino from another. The quality of slot machines in the casino is above all praise – these machines are recognized by leading experts as the standard of gambling. The number of games is constantly increasing, the developers are not tired of pleasing players with various improvements.
To play slot machines our players can absolutely anywhere: at work, at home, on vacation, at the dacha or away. In any place where there is even the worst Internet quality of slot machines will be the highest. The developers of the best casinos took care of cases of breaking the Internet connection, hangup of the phone or banal loss of transmitted data from the player to the server. And this means that the player will always return to the gap with the game at the very moment when the connection was lost.

There are a lot of popular slot games for mobile devices you can find for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, like Gonzo’s Quest, Zeus, Mega Fortune, Starburst and lot of them are have offline mod if you’ve lost an internet connection and save all datas.


Due to the fact that in the market of virtual betting sites today there is a huge competition, and online gambling brings impressive incomes, the growth in the number of bookmaker sites is constantly increasing. It is not surprising that the debutant, who makes the first steps in the career of a professional player, it is difficult to determine which resource is most suitable as a starting point? The fundamental criteria for selection, which should be given priority, are: the convenience of the game service, its reliability; speed of payment; a wide choice of bookmaking services.
Every user should know his rights, responsibilities and read user’s terms and conditions carefully to protect himself. Okay, first of all, you should me older than 18 years to play legally and have your own payment account to bet and withdraw money. Do not download unprotected betting apps and license has to be checked. It is better to choose bookmaker from our list, they all are checked and trustworthy, with no negative history and no frauds are known. So, in registration process, provide only reliable information and be prepared to send a scan copy of the passport or any other identity document at the first request of the administration of the resource.
In some cases, you can deduce the winnings only on the bank card that you registered to your personal account. Do not forget that not all offices allow you to withdraw money in the same way that you brought them to your personal account. That is, if you deposit directly from the mobile, then when you withdraw the winnings you will need to specify the data of the purses in payment systems or the details of the bank card, all of which must necessarily be registered to you.
If you fulfill these simple conditions, then making bets and using other bookmaker services will be much easier. But do not forget about the many other pitfalls that may be encountered by an inexperienced or inattentive gambler.
Most bookmakers do not differ much from the basic set of rules for accepting bets and using other services. In general, all the laws of such institutions are as follows:
All bets are accepted due to the list of sports, entertainment and other events that are available in the bookmaker’s line, with those odds of possible wins that are indicated in the special tables on the site at the time of the betting.
The bookmaker reserves the right to set the minimum and maximum amount of the stake depending on the event.
Also, the management of the office can limit the amount of maximum winnings per bet, no matter whether it is an ordinary, express or some other kind of it.
You can not cancel or cancel your bet. In rare cases (for example, if a gross mistake is found in the ticket confirming the transaction), some editing of the concluded bet is possible, but only when no event from the tickets specified has already begun.
All transactions, except those that are concluded in a special live mode, are processed before the start of the match or match.
The office may refuse the client to place bets if he does not want to produce a document proving his identity. At the same time, the user can already make a deposit to his personal account, and he can return his money only after he sends a copy of the passport or another document that he or she is asked to the support desk of the office.
Sometimes betters are unfair to, and any user should know how bookmakers protect themselves from frauds on users side to keep working terms and conditions from users side.
Often, bookmakers try to insure themselves against the fraudulent actions of their numerous customers. This is directly related to the fact that there are many ways to break the jackpot not by the most honest way, which has to be fought by most offices not only in the global network, but also in real life.
So for what bookmaker can punish a negligent client? Below are the most common types of fraud and dishonest game, for which you can get a ban (a complete denial of access to the personal cabinet and all available funds on the account):
Playing on the forks. This method consists in concluding a bet on the same event, but with opposite outcomes. That is, in the event of any outcome, the fraudster remains at least at his own, but more often in a small plus. That’s why in all offices the game is prohibited from several accounts. And in the event that you try to conclude such transactions from one account, you will most likely be banned immediately, as soon as they are calculated.
The game is from different accounts. Some betters manage to register several accounts from different computers, after which they start betting at different times. Usually such clever people are calculated at the stage of withdrawal of funds, so do not even waste your time on such a dishonest game,
Hunting for bonuses. In general, fans of freebies banyat are far from everywhere and not always, unless they misuse attempts to earn as many freebies as possible and get funds to their account with the help of loyalty programs. If you use only one account and at the same time conscientiously fulfill all the conditions of cooperation, then you already get good bonuses, which will not be necessary to hunt intensively.


In which bookmakers there are no problems with the payment of winnings and withdrawal of money? A good number of bookmakers do not hesitate to use various tricks in order not to pay you a win or at least to delay the withdrawal process as long as possible in the hope that you will not suffer and lose them. Although small amounts, as a rule, almost no problems are derived by almost all bookmakers. Problems with payments can arise when it comes to larger money.
The very first problem that you may have when ordering a payment on the bookmaker’s website is identity identification. It is now widespread almost everywhere and is even included in the list of licensing requirements of most bookmaker market regulators, therefore, as they say, a request to treat it with understanding. And with all seriousness.
In honest bookmakers with a decent reputation, all problems are solved, if, of course, you are a respectable customer, have a single account and registered for your real data.
The period for which your order for payment will be processed depends not only on the bookmaker, but also on the method of payment used. Payments to bank cards, and even more so to bank accounts, usually last the longest. Here, in addition to the fact that for some time the processing and realization of your payment by the bookmaker takes place, you also need to add the time that is required for the bank to receive and crediting the payment. And they are carried out only on working days. So, for example, if you order a payment on the card on the evening of Friday, you will not receive money in any case before Monday.
And this is not to say that some banks can in principle not accept transfers from betting and other gambling sites, so before you tie up your card, check to see if you can withdraw money.
Choose a reliable bookmaker with a decent reputation. Our top-list will help you decide. Please carefully fill out the form at registration: specify your real personal data, which you can confirm with documents. Use only those payment instruments (bank cards, electronic purses) that are registered in your name
For prompt receipt of payments, use the popular world electronic wallets. Do not break the rules, do not try to capitalize on obvious errors and other technical problems on the bookmaker’s website
Do not abuse the order of payments shortly after the deposit, without making the required number of bets and everything will turn out.

Common Betting Terms Explained

Bookmaker office (BO) – a site or app that allows you to bet online on sports, casino and other events. The game in betting shops assumes the player has an account in the electronic payment system.
The betting exchange is a kind of platform for betting between players on sports and other events. In it you can offer a bet yourself, choosing a certain event and offering your odds and the amount of the bet on a certain outcome.
The bookmaker’s fork is a situation where you bet on several possible outcomes in such a way that you win, regardless of how the match ends.

The betting coefficient is the number offered by the betting office or another player on the betting exchange, to which the bet amount will be multiplied in the event of its winning.

Margin is the percentage that a bookmaker takes to itself. It is taken into account in the rate coefficient.
Line is a list of rates with the coefficients offered by the bookmaker office for a particular event.
A line with double outcomes (double chance) – is formed from a combination of rates on net outcomes 1X, 12 and 2X.
Line 1X2 – betting line for three outcomes 1, X and 2.

Moneyline – a betting line for two outcomes 1 and 2 are more used for sports in which a tie is impossible.
Live bets are bets on events that occur at a given time.
Pre-match bets are bets on events that have not yet started.
Bet on a clean victory 1 or 2 – the bet wins if the first or second team wins, respectively.
Bet on a draw X – the bet wins if the meeting parties played in a draw.
Bet on the double outcome of 1X – wins if the first team wins or draws.
Bet on the double outcome of 2X- wins in case of victory of the second team or draw.
Bet on the double outcome 12 – wins if the first or second team wins, loses in the case of a draw.
The bet on total is the total result of the match, which can be expressed by the sum of the scored goals – in football, played games – in tennis, abandoned glasses – in basketball, etc.
Individual total – the total number of goals scored by one of the teams, or won games by one of the tennis players in this meeting, etc.

The Asian total (it can also be called a quarter, as the total is expressed most often in a quarter value: 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75) – contains the rates for the two nearest totals, multiples of 0.5.
Handicap (spread) – allows at the initial stage to equalize the chances of competing parties in the event that one of them (the favorite) has an obvious advantage over another (outsider). The handicap is the giving of an advantage, expressed in terms of the number of balls, points, seconds, and so on.
A soft handicap is a bet with a handicap where the handicap is expressed as an integer and, in some cases, gives the possibility of a return bet: 1; 2; 3; … etc.
A stiff handicap is a bet with a handicap where the handicap is expressed in fractional numbers and excludes the possibility of a return bet: 1.5; 2.5; 3.5; etc.
Zero handicap (0) is a bet with a handicap where the handicap has a value of “0”. The bet on the zero handicap wins in the event of the victory of the team you have placed on, and in case of a draw, you will be calculated a bet with a coefficient of 1.
Asian handicap (quarter handicap) – combines two rates with a soft and hard odds, and the cost of each of them is half the sum of the money you put. In bets on Asian handicap, the handicap has a quadruple value: 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75.
3Way handicap – a line betting on three outcomes, namely: the victory of the first team, a draw and the victory of the second team. In this case, there is an initial score of the match, offered by the bookmaker office. This kind of handicap does not imply a return of the bet for any outcome.
Statistics rates are bets on statistical data: the number of angular, yellow cards, penalties, deletions, and so on.
Additional painting – bets of the form: score/do not score, odd/even, time/match, etc.
Corridor – two opposite rates with different values ​​(in this case total), both of which can be advantageous at a certain outcome of the event. At the same time, there is a risk of losing part of the bet. Corridors can be combined from different betting lines.
The width of the corridor is the difference in the number of goals, balls, points, washers between the upper and lower arms of the corridor.
Betting odds are bets with such a probability (P) of winning the outcome that if you multiply the betting coefficient (K) by it, you get a value greater than one (K * P> 1). In other words, these are rates on such odds at the bookmaker, which in the long-term game will bring the player a plus.

Why it is so popular

Sports betting is the least kind of gambling that depends on a blind case. Unlike a lottery or a casino, in this form the player does not compete with the random number generator or the roulette wheel, but competes, in fact, with the same players called bookmakers. Some offer a set of different events and assess their probability in the form of coefficients, while others choose the most likely among them and invest money.
Sports betting: it’s hard to make money, but it’s possible!
Betting in bookmaker offices has long been an integral part of the life of sports fans. Some make them for fun, to increase interest in the upcoming event, while others try to replenish their money account. However, it is not possible to make a profit for everyone, this requires a lot of experience, well, the success factor, too, has not been canceled!
Here, too, a lot is decided by a professional approach to business, skill and experience. Of course, we can not do without luck either. To begin with, the user needs to study in detail the rules for accepting betting bets, as well as their types. In addition, it is very important to follow the chosen betting strategy.
This kind of entertainment is so ancient, but still interesting, as a hobby and as earnings, that the players every day becomes only more, especially given the current opportunities with betting apps.


Bonuses and promotions in a bookmaker offices – a fairly common marketing move among online bookmakers, each of which wants to attract as many players and, thus, improve their rating and profit. Bonuses are a certain amount of money, which can be expressed in different currencies (euro, dollars, pounds, local currencies), accrued by bookmakers to the user’s personal account. Often it serves as a kind of reward or encouragement for players, and is also a luring factor for football fans to try themselves in sports betting.

Most bookmakers give their players bonuses when registering. Often they are given to users only once. At the same time, a number of conditions must be fulfilled to obtain a premium. For example, to deposit a certain amount of money on your deposit and bet on an event with a coefficient not lower than the one set in the conditions. This is called a deposit bonus.
Also there are no deposit bonuses BC, which are credited when registering on the site. Here everything is also thought out to the smallest detail, so it will not be possible to “cut down” easy money – it’s impossible to cash out the donated money immediately. To do this, the bookmaker will require you to open an account, make money on it and make bets. Only after this, users will be able to cash out the funds on the account.

The amount of bonuses that can be calculated can be either fixed (for example, 10, 20 or 50 euros) and as a percentage of the deposit amount or a bet, but no more than a certain maximum. To receive a “gift” you need to carefully read the source with the criteria for the provision of funds, their use and removal. The most common mistakes made by players, depriving them of honored prizes are incorrectly entered bons-code and not observance of conditions of wagering “gift”. Also, there are cases when, under all conditions, the user is surprised to find that there is no provision for incentives for residents of his country.

Choose the best betting app with Casino Tabloid, register, bet and win with us! Have a good luck!