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We used to be the part of internet society and internet used to be the big part of our lives. Online gambling and casino-sites (real dealer casinos) are that part too. We like to go playing slots or blackjack after work and on weekends. This is part of our lives, our hobby and for someone, maybe that is also work.

But technologies run fast and it is not enough for many players to play the simulating games.

So, here we have online live dealer casino. Many popular internet sites can afford you this type of play but not every link is trusted when it comes for money and winning.

What live dealer casinos are and how they work?

If you’re missing the atmosphere of old land casinos and online gambling is not the same, you definitely should try live dealer casinos. After all, the entire gameplay: the rotation of the roulette drum, the ball rolls, the distribution of cards, there are really live dealers.
There are quite a lot of high-level online casinos that offer great online games. They are welcome players around the world.

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Casino with live dealers offer the following:

  • With comfort, play all your favorite games without leaving home.
  • You can play different games, for example, blackjack, roulette and baccarat, sitbo and other versions of these or other games with live dealers for real money.
  • High-definition games are broadcast live on your computer, laptop or tablet.
  • You can interact with real dealers in real time.
  • You can play against other players online.

You follow the game in real time, so that you have an added sense of security.

Live dealer casinos is a unique opportunity for those players who like to play online casinos, in a familiar atmosphere without leaving their own home, but still wants to play games where there is a live croupier. Live dealer casinos is the option when you are a live, real dealer. Most often as a dealer in live casinos, you will see a pretty girl, this is a real dealer, trained in all the games of this casino. The game in the online live dealer casino is played at a real gaming table, using real cards and a roulette wheel, you can see it all through a camera installed directly in front of the gaming table. The dealer can communicate with you in a voice, as if you are sitting at a gaming table, as in a real casino. You can also ask the dealer your questions or just chat with him through the means of web chat. Moreover, as in a completely real casino, next to you, other players will play. You can see how they play and what bets they make. All these features give the game a sense of complete presence in this casino.

How to choose online live dealer casino

If you don’t want to play simulating plays anymore, you can try online live dealer casinos. There are few criterias to choose the most fitting casino for yourself. To find the best online live dealer casino:
Trusted casino. Player should be guaranteed that service is safe and has a good reputation. There is no need to say once more that casino should have a license. You can choose casino with us on Casino Tabloid.
Better to choose a casino with mobile version of site or\and have a mobile app and ability to download them with official app-stores. If it is necessary to play-and-go, being mobile is important option.
Wide choice of different games. Usually there are a several main, the most popular games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Be sure that you’ll find your favourite game or if you want to experiment in various games
Good customer support. 24-hours online live help is necessary and if it is important support should be on your native language. You have to be sure that support will help you in every situation from technical issue to understanding benefits and win process.

Bonuses and cashback. There are a variety of live dealer casinos and almost every servise offer system of cashbacks and bonuses. Choose the one that suits the most and is trusted.
Comfortable banking. Now web-services offer a lot of banking apps. It can be PayPal, online banking, bitcoins etc. and it is needed to be careful with payouts both deposits and withdrawals

Live casino already now offers its visitors a wide variety of real money games with the participation of this dealer. And that customers are not bored, the range of such entertainment is constantly growing. With online live dealer casino you can find only those games that are popular in regular casinos. Most often these are board games. The list of games may vary depending on which online casino, but, as a rule, the standard set of games with real dealers in the online casino includes:

  • Live Baccarat
  • Live roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Casino Hold’em Live
  • Other games.

Only the largest and most reliable online casinos allow themselves to hire a dealer, purchase special software, web cameras and play an open game with customers on their website. Such care for their customers proves the honesty and integrity of the organizer.

Benefits of online live dealer casino

Why do players turn their attention to live dealer casinos? First of all, it is necessary to do this for those who think that online casinos can twist electronic versions of games (which is only a delusion). Joining to the games with real dealers, users can say that they take the honesty of the game under their control: they see the dealer and all his movements, see the game table, see the process of laying out cards, the process of starting and rotating the ball in the roulette wheel, etc. Moreover, users can control cameras and change viewing angles. Some casinos even allow you to separately look at the rotation of the ball in the roulette wheel. All this in combination creates the effect of the presence in the playing hall of ordinary land casinos.
It’s also worth mentioning that online casinos not only took and implemented games with live dealers without any changes: the developers added additional features to the games. One of them is the so-called opportunity to make Bet-behind. Bet-behind betting assumes that if in any online casino absolutely all places are occupied at the tables for playing in the online live dealer casinos. A number of online casinos also offer Live Casino for status personalities: special VIP tables, for which users will play one-on-one with the dealer. True, the rates for these tables are appropriate. In common, we can note the following positive moments of playing in an online live dealer casino:

  • Players and croupier communicate with each other via webcams and chat
  • The dealer is open and honest as possible, this is confirmed by video broadcasting
  • Do not be afraid of fraudulent actions and worry about your finances
  • You can always ask a question and clarify the incomprehensible situation in the game
  • Ability to play in the browser or mobile version
  • Unforgettable sensations, as well as recreating the atmosphere of live casinos at your home.

But there are disadvantages in casino games with live dealers, among which you can note the following:

  • The need to have a good speed connection to the Internet to get a good picture without delay
  • A slower gameplay – each bet takes a little longer than when you play against the machine. But it’s probably not even a flaw, but one more feature that allows users to enjoy the game for a longer period of time.

Here were the tips how to choose the best online live dealer and play. Have a good luck!

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